Fishing in Style

Hey Everyone! I hope all my followers are doing well with what’s going on in the world. The other day I went to Costco and I couldn’t get into the store without wearing a mask! I cannot believe this is our new normal now. Our world may never be the same.

To pass the time and relieve anxiety I’ve been fishing a-lot! I’ve never been the outdoorsy type of person but you know meee…. If I have the right outfit then I’m game for anything! Fishing is actually so much fun and being outdoors is wayyy better than being indoors. Have you been fishing lately? Do you like the great outdoors?! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never enjoyed being outdoors for longer than an hour! lol but…. if you can get over all the weird insects, tall grass and if you are PREPARED then it’s so much fun! I love when I can feel the sun kissing my face, best feeling in the world! God is real.

I’ve linked a few of my favorite fishing outfits below! In the photo above I’m wearing a one-piece swimsuit with denim shorts and rain boots! Rain boots are a must if you are fishing, you never know what could be in the muddy water. All outfit details are linked below. 

Last but not least, I wanted to share an amazing video of me catching my very first fish! Thank you to boyfriend brennan for always being behind the camera and capturing my moments! xoxo Fishing Video

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posing with a fishing pole
Nature is beautiful!

Madewell Shorts

Levi Shorts

Madewell Long Denim Shorts

Swimsuit target roses

Black ruffles swimsuit

Tommy Hilfiger One Piece Swimsuit

Target Chelsea Rainbow

Target Tall Rainbow

Target Green Tall Rainbows

Hunter Rainboots

Black Shiny Hunter Rainbows

Grey Hunter Rainbows on sale

Short Hunter Rainbows

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