Hey there — long time no chat! Work has been crazy, my life has been hectic and on top of all that…. I’m planning a wedding! If anyone has any wedding advice or words of wisdom please share them below in the comments, I would really appreciate your comment. xoxo

So yes.. I got engaged last summer and I honestly cannot believe it has almost been a whole year! Brennan, my fiancé surprised me in the most EPIC way possible. He told me we were going to the ranch to shoot guns for his birthday, but to my surprise there was a plane flying around the ranch with a sign that said, “Alexandria Will You Marry Me” the sweetest, most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me! I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked and in awh that Brennan took the time to plan the most epic surpisre engagement!

Check out some photos below:

couple in field
Adorable!!!!!! I can’t even 🙂
engagement photo with family
Right after the proposal, even Lucy is excited!!
celebrating at brennans parents house


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Stay tuned for my next post! I will be sharing our Engagement Photoshoot that took place in Palm Beach, FL.


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