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Aloha from Maui!

Hi Everyone! I want to share a little travel guide about our time in Maui, Hawaii! We had 7 full days on the island, and this was my third time going to Maui; so…. we pretty much have done it all! Maui is a beautiful place and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to go more than once! ♥ I would like share with all of you some of the activities we did, where we ate and where we stayed! If you guys have any other recommendations for anyone, please leave them in the comments below so everyone can see!

Maui Activities

Road to Hana

Road To Hana – If this is your first time in Maui then I strongly think everyone should take the “Road To Hana” which means you need to rent a car. The first two times we rented a GMC Tahoe and it was spacious, had GPS and chargers for your phone. It was also the car that took us down Road to Hana. The Tahoe got the job done, but if your wanting to explore more I would recommend a Jeep! The third time we rented a jeep and I’m glad we did, because we hiked a new part of Mount Halekaela and it was extremely muddy! The jeep definitely helped because of the 4-wheel drive and it was smaller than the Tahoe. There’s so much to see on the Road to Hana so I suggest leaving early! Some of the popular areas get crowded fast, so if you want photos with no one in the background then you have to leave early. I would also suggest exploring and seeing if you can find a cool spot that no one knows about! I really enjoyed the Bamboo Forest, the Black Sand Beach and the really tall waterfall at the end of, Road to Hana. Another suggestion, is maybe taking the back way through the Road to Hana, if you just want to see a really cool waterfall. Also, take cash! All the cute pineapple stands are cash only. So make sure you keep cash on hand at all times!

Deep Sea Fishing Lahaina

deep sea fishing
deep sea fishing

Deep Sea Fishing in Lahaina – Okay… so we woke up at 4AM just to drive to Lahaina and be out on the ocean at 6AM! It was the funnest experience. I had never been deep sea fishing like this, and I’m glad we went! We were blessed to have catched two Mahi Mahi fish! We did the short trip which was only 4 hours out at sea. They have different excursions you can go on, there’s a 6 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour Deep Sea excursion! We chose the four hour excursion because we didn’t want to be out at sea all day long and we wanted to go to the Cliff House! I’ll post a photo below, but I can’t share the location! Locals do not like having tourists show up at the Cliff House, because its like a swimming pool in the ocean, and its beautiful. Less people who know about it, the more magical it is. If your in the area, then I suggest asking people about the cliff house and see if you can find it on your own!

cliff house
Cliff House in Maui
cliff house
jumping off the cliffs

Exploring West Maui Mountains

west maui mountains

Exploring West Maui Mountains – This part of the island is closer to Lahaina and on the complete other side from Road to Hana. The road turns into one lane just like the Road to Hana, it can be very dangerous and scary so please watch your surroundings! The views are spectacular, lush greens, tall mountains and beautiful ocean everywhere. The photos are amazing. We did a tour with “Epic Experience Maui” and I’m so glad we did! Our tour guy was very cool and he new his way around West Maui. He took us to all the beautiful spots, and secret spots! His history on the island was awesome and told the ancient stories so well! It was definitely a cool hike. If you go on this tour, make sure you wear a swimsuit underneath your athletic clothes. I would recommend wearing Tevas, chacos, or tennis shoes! Climbing through the rainforest can be difficult! Also, be prepared for the waterfall waters to be very cold!

Nakelele Blowhole and Maui’s Heart Shaped Rock

Heart Shaped Rock
We had just hiked through the rainforest in the West Mountains.

Nakelele Blowhole and Maui’s Heart Shaped Rock – This is definitely a must if you like taking photos and if your newly married! The heart shaped rock is so “Instagram” and the blowhole is crazy! Just don’t get too close to the blowhole because you never know when it will erupt! It can be very dangerous, and people have also died from getting to close! So please, keep your distance. Our tour guy in West Maui actually took us to the blowhole and the heart shaped rock, because it was off of the road that goes through the West Maui Mountains. I’m so glad he did, because some people find it difficult to find.

Maui Lava Fields

Maui Lava Fields
Secret Pool
On Top of the World
Secret Tide Pool

Maui Lava Fields – Maui Lava fields are on the east side of the island. Opposite from West Maui and Lahaina, but on the same side of the island where Road to Hana is at. It’s close to where we stay in Wailea. The lava fields are very hot and rocky. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and put lots of sunscreen on! I always wear a swimsuit because if you climb a little you can discover some awesome secret tide pools! Just be careful climbing down, and make sure none of the tide pools are active of blowholes. You really just have to make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times. Climbing down the lava rock is very sharp and as you get closer to the water you will see tiny sea crabs crawling around. We like going to the Lava Fields because of the tide pools we discover. It’s like a secret tide pool for two! It’s beautiful and you feel like your all alone with the ocean away from civilization.

Mount Haleakala

Mount Haleakala
Mount Haleakala
Mount Haleakala

Mount Haleakala – I say this is an absolute must as well! I always feel like I’m driving through Heaven!!! As you drive up the mountain the temperature drops to around 55 degrees. So, take a sweater and pants! Most people watch the sunrise come up in the mornings, but we always go and see the sunset! It’s beautiful. If you see the sunrise, make sure you have a reservation, they will not let you in without a reservation because of the amount of people that go up there. If you go and see the sunset then you don’t need a reservation, but you still have to pay to get into the reserve. I think the cost was either $15 or $25. I really can’t remember! Also, make sure your car has enough gas! You don’t want to get stranded. The mountain also has some great hiking areas and people even camp out overnight.

Paia – the little surf town of Paia is so cool! Located in North Shore.  A-lot of younger people stay and live in Paia, and so many cute shops! Kind of like Lahaina. I think the shops in Paia, are trendier than the shops in Lahaina. Paia, has a really good pizza place that I think everyone needs to go to!! I will list it below in places where we ate. Also, just be aware that you will see young homeless people.. kind of crazy..

Lahaina – is a cool town as well! We always drive 30 – 40 minutes just to eat dinner and walk around Lahaina during sunset. The shops are eclectic and some shops even have great artwork! There’s also a really good snocone shop called, Ululani’s that everyone needs to try! The shaved ice is soooo good as well as the flavors. I like guava!

Maui Eats!

grand wailea
Grand Wailea Buffet
Morimoto’s at Andaz
Ferraro’s at the Four Seasons

Maui Eats! – In Pai, I love going to Flatbread Company! It has great, tasty pizza and their salads are the bomb. Everything is fresh and all products used are grown on the island. If you like goat cheese make sure you get it! It’s so fresh and good! There’s also a really great diner called, Kihei Café in Kihei. Its just a short 10 – 15 minute drive from Wailea. Great breakfast! Coconuts is a great fish taco place. There are two locations on the island. The mahi mahi fish tacos are so good. They top everything with pineapple. I love the breakfast buffet at the Grand Wailea Resort. They literally have everything and more, and the view at breakfast is amazing! There’s two restaurants at the Four Seasons that we really enjoy as well! Duo for breakfast is great, the food layout is superb and if you get the buffet you get 3 free cocktails! Either mimosa or bloody mary. Ferraro’s is an Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons, again food and views are amazing. Morimoto’s in the Andaz Hotel is SOO good! THE BEST SEAFOOD, and steak. I had Wagu from Japan at this place and it was the best piece of meat I’ve ever had!  I post almost everything we’ve ever eaten in Maui on stories. So please make sure you check out my Instagram story titled, MAUI.

Where we Stay

Cabana Life

Where we Stay: We always stay in Wailea, its where all the resorts are at! There’s so many hotels along the ocean coast. Some of my favorites are, Andaz, which is more for honey mooners, super young crowd, lots of bars, and 7 pools! It’s insane. Marriott which is called, Waliea Beach Resort, they have a really cute check in spot and this hotel is great for families. I love how the hotel is decorated. The Grand Wailea is also really great for families, so many fun pools and slides for toddlers all the way to high schoolers. Kids love this place! The Fairmont is also really family friendly. The Four Seasons is beautiful! Great shopping for bikinis, and dining. The bars are really fun too, you can’t leave this place without getting a Mai Tai! We always stay at the Wailea Beach Villas! It’s great for older families, it is spacious, roomy and lots of rooms! It also comes with a full kitchen, appliances, dining table, living room, balcony. Everything! It’s like a house on the beach with all the best amenities!

I hope you guys find this post valuable. Comment below if you’ve ever been to Maui, and if you have any other suggestions so everyone can see! Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions about anything I mentioned.  I hope you guys find this post valuable. Keep up with my life through Instagram! My Instagram name is: @alexandriaortizz


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